Due to my stupid workload I cant watch any series and I need to focus on my exams :( I just want to go to uni :P I will come out soon because I don't like being an anon too.. I think it will be easier for both us if you know me :)
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I was just like you in the past semester. The school, the job and the music and dance lessons didn’t let me watch any TV series because I had no time. And I hope you’ll have a great university life with straight A’s and a socially good life! :) 


By Hello i’m Wild.


By Hello i’m Wild.

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First of all, thank you for your kind words, you are just a true gentleman :)) Feeling lonely is definitely normal. We wouldn't be human beings if we didn't feel anything :) You feel therefore you are :P (My attempts of being philosophical ends up embarrassingly all the time :P)
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You sort of know me! You know my favourite music bands, movies and colour but obviously they are not enough :D Well I don’t know know whether it is time to come out and not be an anonymous :/ I am scared about your reaction :(


Come out come out wherever you are (This sentence reminds me of American Horror Story which I just started watching and absolutely in love with it)… Joking aside, if you want to be an anon, that’s okay :) I don’t want to force you. It’ll work but just remember that whenever you feel ready, you can come to me. 

Now, if I don’t answer the next questions, that’s because I’m going to watch another episode of AHS :)

The relationships we have with our families are so different from friends.. We sometimes mistreat our parents in a way that they don't deserve... But sometimes it is better a have a bad experience and learn from it. I assure you that your relationship with your dad will be a better and more special one. I hope that he will have a life full of joy, happiness and health :) Also full of nice family memories :)
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I don’t want to disturb you (I know you’re busy with your family and I’m praying that everything will be ok soon) but I thought if I send you a message, I can put a little smile on your face :) I told you about my dad, I know how vulnerable you felt. You feel bad and upset but at the same time you need to support your mum and sister. It is so much to take in..Just think about how heroic your behaviour is.. Don’t forget that you are an amazing son, a brother, a friend! You are the hero!

I am challenging you to make your family members smile in this tough situation! I also challenge myself to make you smile! It is my duty now to make sure that you put your sorrows into one side, smile and support your family. Don’t forget that you are a hero and will always be a hero! At the end of the day we all need each other! Would you have ever thought that a girl from a different country will be trying to comfort you and make you smile? This is a reason to smile! I hope you are smiling!

Don’t ever be hateful and revolt! Think everything as a phase that you need to pass through to become a better and mature person who understands real feelings! What you are going to through might be painful and you may feel like a part of your heart has been ripped apart from your body but this is a phase. It will be cliché but everything will be okay and I will always be here for you whenever you need me! I promise..


"A good example has twice the value of good advice"

I would absolutely not have thought that a girl from a different country will be trying to make me smile. You are the real hero, I don’t even know you but you are trying to comfort me because you care what other people feel. You are really mature and I think you are living with awareness. I admire this! I believe in karma and now you’ve became one of the reasons why I believe in it. When the day nine eleven happened, it was around 4 pm in my country. I was nine years old. I just came home, my mom and my dad was sitting in front of the TV and looking at the horrible incident and my mom kept praying for those people and she was crying. I didn’t understand what was going on but I’ve understood that day that no matter how far we are from each other, no matter what we believe in, no matter what skin color we have, we are all human beings. This is the only thing that matters and you are one of those people that aware of it. I’m a little bit sad because I’m going back to İstanbul which is 590 miles away from my family and not being able to make them feel safe or happy kills me (or maybe I’m sad because I’m going to feel alone when I go back there). Yet, we have different lives. That’s the truth. 

I’ve been talking for this whole time, tell me a bit about yourself, your life (if you don’t mind) :)

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Sana sürekli mesaj yazmak istiyorum ama yanlış anlarsın diye çekiniyorum. "Ah yine mi bu kız?" dersin gibime geliyor. Bu arada geçmiş olsun. Umarım baban daha iyidir.
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Yazabilirsin, vakit buldukça cevaplamaya çalışırım ve çok teşekkür ederim, evet, iyi şu an, eve geldi. Dinleniyor.

Merhaba benim ingilizcemi geliştirmem lazım bu yüzden sahaflara gidip kitap almayı düşünüyorum fakat ne istanbulu biliyorum ne de bana yardımcı olacak bir ingilizce kitap. Önerebileceğin varsa çok sevinirim hatta lütfen uzun uzun yaz
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Bak burada uzun bir şekilde yazdım, bunu okuyabilirsin: TIK

Ayrıca alman gereken kitapları seviyene göre belirlemek lazım. Ben genelde okulun kütüphanesini kullanıyorum kitaplar konusunda. Hoşuma giden olursa o kitabı gidip satın alıyorum daha sonra. Çok okuyan biriyim, aksi halde büyük bir miktar para kitaplara gidecekti :) Onun yerine çok hoşuma gidenleri gidip satın alıyorum.

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I am so sorry that I am sending you a message this late :/ I know that I promised to write everyday and I did but today was quite busy so it is a little bit late, sorry about that :l How are you, how is life :)) You know I told you how my head was filled with questions, I think I am starting to get answers which is a good improvement :) I hope everything is perfect in your life :) Tell me, I want to hear about it even the simplest stuff :P Have a good night :*
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It’s almost two am here and I just came home. I was at the hospital. My dad has a high blood pressure and three hours ago he felt unwell. He said he felt pain in his left arm, his back and his left side of his chest as if someone was squeezing his heart. My mom said that he might be having a heart attack and called an ambulance. They came and we went to the hospital. I was in the ambulance and my mom took the car. While we were going to hospital, my mom had a little accident but luckyly she is okay now. And Thank God my dad is okay now too. Doctor wants to keep under surveillance for the night. My mom is with my dad and I and my sister came back home with our neighbor. You see, I had a quite tough day but I’m good now.

I’m answering this now because I want to say something serious. Please do not mistreat the people you love because we have no idea when they are going to die and yeah, this is nature’s rule, we’re all going to die someday. 

I’m happy that you are starting to get answers. I need to rest right now. I’ll talk you later. Have a good night :) and please write me sometimes, it’s really nice talking to you.

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merhaba :) liseye başladım ve cidden çok iğrenç bir okul aslında yaşadığım şehrin en iyi okullarından biri ve ben ortamını pek bilmesem de başka bir okulu istiyorum o okul da iyi bir okul kötü değil annemle falan hep kavga ettim diğer okul için ben o okulda 3 günden fazla geçiremem ve annem diğer okula gidersem her şeyimi kısıtlayacağını söyledi ne yapmalıyım hiç bilmiyorum birisinin önerisine ihtiyacım var
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Diğer okulu istemenin nedeni ne? Bence şu an gittiğin okula bir şans ver. Ben lisede kazandığım okulu duyduğumda ağlamıştım, çünkü gitmek istemiyordum. Hatta orta okulda, dershaneye giderken, o okulun önünden geçerken, ben bu okula gidersem intihar ederim diyordum. Demek ki büyük konuşmamak gerekiyormuş :) ancak okul şans verdim. Bu yıl lise biteli dört yıl oldu ve hala görüştüğüm yedi sekiz mükemmel insanla tanıştım, ayrıca bana o kadar çok yol açtı ki okul, il tiyatro salonunu kiralayarak yazdığım tiyatro oyunlarını oynatmama yardım etti. Benim için mükemmel bir andı, yüzlerce insanın gelip senin oyunlarını izlemesi. O yüzden bazen bizim kötü diye düşündüğümüz şeyde iyilik vardır.

O yüzden bir şans ver derim şu anki okuluna :)

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