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bafflingwithbullshit whispered: I love your theme SO much! DON"T EVER CHANGE IT!

Hey! Thank you so much, I love my theme too so I think I’m gonna keep it for a while :)

Summer days with books! Love it. #summer #Tumblr #book #writing #happy #read #reading #english #coehlo
Anonymous whispered: Lol what are you saying I am in love with istanbulll!! I loved the Bosphorus and all historical places. Also I found the mosques so interesting they are so well structured and inside is incredible. You are so lucky to live in Istanbul and you have chance to eat Turkish food which is the best part of being Turkish. I love Turkish coffee my friend is making it but it is so strong lol :D Baklava is incredible as well. Oh you make me hungry. I told you we have so much in common :D

Then I’m looking forward you to come again? :D we’ll have a dinner and then baklava which I can’t eat too much and then Turkish coffee which i’m addicted to! My friend tell to us the furtune by inspecting the grounds remaining in our coffee cup. It’s the enjoyable part lol. Oh, actually you make me hungry! :D

Anonymous whispered: You won't believe me but it is snowing in london everywhere is white but cold.. I wish ot snows too much tonight and we'll get one day escape from school :D also I have been in Turkey once in Istanbul when I was 12 :)

This year is not a snowy one in Turkey. I wish for you too! :D and I live in İntanbul :) well, did you like the city?

Anonymous whispered: I cant believe that!!! You are lying you must have a girlfriend but you dont tell us you are so cheeky :D Turkish girls, I can't believe all of you, shame on you all. By the way latin girls are really hot and diligent so I would go for latin girls :D I would like to marry with an Italian they are so cute!! <3 I can't believe that I am having that kind of conversation with a boy where am goinggg :D I promise I will keep sending you messages fingers crossed :))

Am I so cheeky, oh you don’t say! :D and yeah where is this conversation going to lol!? it’s probably because of the time. it’s almost 2.30 am here and i’m assuming that it’s 0.30 am in London. i can see your fingers! :)) and i’m glad to meet you the-one-that-i-really-have-no-idea-who-she-is :)

Anonymous whispered: OMG! Look at that university it is like Oxford or Cambridge of Turkey :D I may consider this university as one of my choices if i can. You are very talented, very good at languages and genius, this is too much darling haha TURKISH GIRLS THERE IS A PERFECTION IF YOU CAN DISCOVER, BE CLEVER :D I wish i would have met you one day but i think i will be a secret anonymous for a while :D

Being at Boğaziçi is really good :) but you have to stop this! :D i’m too shy. i don’t even have a girlfriend, i’m totally available because Turkish girls cannot discover me! Anyway, i’m gonna marry with a British or American or Latin! :D ahh, well then i hope one day we’ll meet each other in person, yet i want you to keep messaging me until that day! lol

Anonymous whispered: Dont be silly your voice is amazing!! Falling in love with your voice :D I wish you would have posted other videos because you are a real talent x How can you be in a university with a 100% english language are you studying in a different country? You are already really good at british accent dont be bothered with that stupid sound changes i think you should keep your accent. It may sound very old-fashioned but i dont have any social network account i am a real anonymous :D

But not those who are singing on The Voice UK! :D i’ll post some other videos and covers one day :) well, it’s one of the state universities and one of the bests in Turkey but its language based on English. It’s because of, i guess, check this out (CLICK) its formal name is Robert College. I’ll keep my accent :) and aah! i wish i was you about that thing, being old-fashioned. Well, i’ll never meet you in person, won’t i o.o!?

Anonymous whispered: I was just listening your cover over and over again! OMG!! what a wonderful voice.. Do you have any other videos because i would love to listen to you. Anyways your accent is quite similar to british but you need to work on th sound for instance when you are saying think otherwise it is really good i can understand everything you say and it is incredible that you can write so fluently :) You are so talented lol x

Haha thank you! I love singing but i really dont think that i have a wonderful voice, just good :) I have lots of videos but not for public :D I can write fluently it’s because my university’s language is %100 English.  Should I want to study my major, i have to be good at English :) thank you for your suggestion. One day, i’ll be good at British accent! :D By the way if you wanna ad my on facebook, this is my account lol it would be good not being anonymous.

Anonymous whispered: Have ever heard about Downtown Abbey it is classical british and u may like their accents too because i worship that accent :D How about your accent is it classical Turkish-English accent :)

Ah yeah i’ve heard it but never watched yet. Maggie Smith!! :D well, check this out (CLICK) if you wanna hear it. This is me :)